Forney MIG Welder Review

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  • Versatile capability (MIG and flux core)
  • Larger cabinet space for tools and storage
  • High-duty cycle and output
  • Quick Euro-connect MIG torch
  • Longer than average (10 feet) MIG torch
  • Wide-range compatibility
  • Beginner-friendly with easy-to-use features


  • Not suitable for heavy industrial work
  • Limited to small scale projects
  • Limited welding capacity to ¼ inch

From home maintenance and repairs to DIY projects, skills alone are not enough; you need to have the best equipment for the job.

To maximize your potential or even begin a metal fabrication hobby, finding a welder that is easy to use, efficient, and suitable for home use is the key.

For that, you have the Forney 140 MIG Welder.

This device runs on electricity and delivers a higher duty cycle than others. What’s more, its portability does not compromise its efficiency and work output.

To get to know this product more, below is a Forney MIG Welder review revealing its fascinating features.


Forney MIG Welder Review

The Forney 140 MIG Welder is considered one of the versatile welder machines for home use, producing efficient and clean results.

It uses MIG or metal inert gas, which is a flexible technique for both thin and thick section components.

This process is widely used and is friendly for beginners, mainly because of its higher welding speeds and less post welding cleaning.

Compared to previous Forney MIG welders, the Forney 140 offers several upgrades and restyling to deliver efficiency and versatility.

When it comes to the welding wire used for the machine, the improved design allows feeding of 0.023, 0.030, and 0.035 inches wires.

A larger side cell space can hold four-inch and eight-inch spool wires.

Having smaller feet reduced the sliding tendencies of the machine, making it more durable.

Its portable and lightweight design allows the user to carry or transport the machine easily anywhere.

It also comes with a 15-foot power cord and 10-foot MIG gun for easy mobile use of the machine.

Who Is This Product For?

The Forney 140 MIG Welder is designed for users handling small-scale projects that require welding.

Its portability and easy-to-use features allow you to accomplish a wide range of jobs from inside the comforts of home.

These varieties of welding jobs include DIY, maintenance and repair, metal fabrication, and automotive/home/farm equipment improvements.

However, if you look into heavy industrial and professional work, this Forney 140 MIG Welder may not be powerful enough for you.


What’s Included? 

Since this model is MIG-ready and comes complete with easy-to-use features, only a few items are included in the box.

Aside from the transformer-based machine itself and the quick Euro-connect MIG Gun Torch, you will also get a 10-foot ground cable and clamp and a gas hose and regulator.

To test it right away, it also comes with a 10-foot lead.

Weld wraps are included to yield good results, which Forney did not provide before.

As mentioned, the model is already MIG-ready, so gas is not needed to test or use the machine right away.

However, this welding machine can also be used with gas. To use this function, you would need to purchase gas cylinders separately.

Connecting the cables is easy, too, since the package comes with a user guide and a user manual.

The User Guide explains the quick start guide with a list of tips, weld examples, troubleshooting instructions.

On the other hand, the User Manual is a detailed instruction with the parts list of everything you need to know about the machine.

The user manual and guide is also downloadable from Forney’s website.

The Forney 140 MIG Welder is not complete without its protection under the manufacturer’s 5/3/1/ warranty, as exhaustively explained in their user manual.


Overview of the Features

At present, Forney Industries is among the leading manufacturers and distributors of metalworking and welding products.

With over 80 years of experience, it continues to offer value and service of producing innovative and reliable equipment.

Now, let’s get to the heart of this Forney 140 MIG review and look at the vital features and several upgrades this product offers.

  • Beginner-Friendly

Regardless if you’re new to welding or have some experience, you will find that this machine is very easy to operate.

What’s more, with the quick start-up guide and the user manual at hand, manipulating and operating this machine will be a piece of cake.

An example of its beginner-friendly feature is controlling the output power.

You simply set the maximum amps and control the wire feeding by rotating the button either clockwise (for increasing) or counterclockwise (for decreasing).

  • For Home Use

Since the welder can run using household current (115 V), you can use the Forney 309 within your property.

It is not only limited to the household current, too. This welding machine can run anywhere that the minimum 115V power supply is accessible.

  • High Duty Cycle and Output

Duty cycle is the amount of time within a 10-minute period that a machine can run at the designated amperage.

It is a useful indication of the welding machine’s performance in terms of output and capacity or, in simple terms, its productivity.

The Forney 309 MIG Welder has a duty cycle of 20% at 115 amps and 35% at 90 amps.

This means that it will operate at 150 amps at 2 minutes or 90 amps for 3.5 minutes. The machine then needs to cool down for eight minutes or seven minutes.

For a machine that can run on household current, its duty cycle at 20% is already a notable and reliable feature of this model.

Regarding the output, this MIG welder has a range of 30 amps to 140 amps, which can weld up to about ¼ inch steel.

  • MIG and Flux Core Capability

This MIG welder can yield a high-quality result welding for both MIG and flux core.

Users can switch smoothly from utilizing shielding gas (MIG welding) or none (flux-core), depending on the job’s requirements.

With its versatility, many consider it a multi-process welding machine.

  • Quick Euro-Connect MIG Gun

The Forney 140 MIG Welder has a Euro-connect MIG gun. This lets you save time in changing the MIG torch without difficulty and swiftly.

As mentioned, it also comes with a 10-foot MIG torch for more detailed utilization of the machine.

Connect the MIG gun to Tweco-compatible consumables so that you can weld with more versatility.

  • Four Voltage Setting

This model has a four voltage control system that lets you control or adjust the current needed for the welding job.

You can set it up by adjusting the input power from maximum to minimum (or vice versa) with more specificity.

How To Get the Most Out of the Forney 309 140-Amp Welder

Make sure to browse through the readily available user guide and user manual to maximize the machine’s usage.

For welding tips and usage of the machine, here are helpful videos from Forney itself.

MIG Welding Tips:

Forney 140 & 190 MIG Welders:


From this Forney MIG Welder review, it’s clear that it is only suitable for small-scale welding projects.

This means it can be limited and not apt for heavy industrial welding works.

In that case, you might want to use a welding machine capable of heavy-duty jobs without losing the machine’s portability and efficiency.

For that, look into the Forney 190 MIG Welder.

While it has the same features as the Forney 140 MIG, the only difference is the welding capability.

This machine has a maximum output of 190 amps and can weld between ⅜- and 5/16-inch steel.


The Forney 140 MIG Welder is an easy-to-use, high-duty-cycle, and high-output welding machine that is reliable and efficient.

While it may have some limited functionalities, it can still yield high-quality results for beginners and small-scale welding projects.

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