Everlast MIG Welder Review

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  • Increased overall welding time
  • Lightweight design
  • Extended utility
  • Enhanced versatility
  • Spoon gun is provided specifically for usage with aluminum
  • Risk-free purchase


  • High maintenance cost due to electronic components
  • Requires a stable environment with controlled atmospheric pressures

Perhaps the most enticing feature of the technologically advanced era today is its ability to mechanize the smallest of tasks and make them significantly effortless.

Everything resonates with comfort and convenience, from your automatic washing machine to the electric kettle on your kitchen counter.

Whether you are a professional welder or an amateur one, you understand the value of finding the right tool without compromising on safety or performance.

MIG welding is often considered a beginner level craft in the welding world.

Hence, MIG welders are often designed with an amateur welder’s requirements in mind.

They include user-friendly controls, easy transport systems, and ergonomics.

The following Everlast MIG Welder review is put together to help you choose the right welding machine matching your job requirements.


Everlast MIG Welder

Ever since its inception in 2004, the California e-based company Everlast has come a long way in establishing its name worldwide.

Their underlying motto of functionality has revolutionized welding machinery by incorporating a humanistic element in the design, which is practicality.

By introducing the inverter style power welders, Everlast has catapulted ahead of its competitors and now has a widespread presence in various garages, work stations, and home sheds across the USA and Canada.

The Everlast MIG 140E Welder is a class of its own. Compared to its transformer-based compatriots, this inverter style MIG welder outperforms both capability and output power capacity.

Who Is This Product For?

Cost-effective, user-friendly, and ergonomically sound, the Everlast MIG 140E Welder is designed especially for the common layman.

Compared to the more advanced and rather expensive models, this welder is a usual choice among amateur welders with DIY projects and hobbies.

Its compact and portable design allows for a speedy job done.

Most Stick and TIG welders have raving reviews regarding their performance and longevity. 

However, it is recommended that potential users have some welding experience since there isn’t a welding chart included in the Everlast MIG140E Welder’s packaging.

What’s Included?

The Everlast MIG 140E Welder packaging includes the following:

  • 10 feet or three-meter long 15 Series MIG gun
  • A supportive working clamp
  • An AR/CO2 Regulator
  • A consumable starter kit
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty

The packaging does not include the following:

  • A welder’s chart
  • Flux core drive rolls


Overview of Features

Most Everlast MIG welder reviews agree that the 140E Welder’s most defining feature is its inverter design.

It allows for reduced weight and significantly less power consumption without compromising arc performance, but at the same time, increasing duty cycles.

More precisely, the inverter-based design allows for a 25% duty cycle at a high 140Amps of voltage output, increasing performance efficiency.

On the other hand, the transformer-based welder has a reduced 20% duty cycle and reduced maximum voltage output at 90Amps.

Additionally, in terms of ergonomics, the Everlast MIG140E Welder features a portable and compact design.

At only 25 pounds, this inverter welder is smaller in size compared to its counterpart transformer welders.

Hence, you can comfortably carry the Everlast MIG140E Welder with the help of its convenient top handle.

Its user-friendly controls and familiar panel allow other welders, such as stick and TIG welders, to use the machine easily.

The 120V input of the Everlast MIG140E Welder ensures portability since you can plug it into any socket.

There is also step-less control of the wire speed and voltage, which means that you have maximum control over the welder and adjust both parameters according to personal preference and need.

In terms of durability and longevity, the welder’s different components perform at par with other industry-grade welders.

For instance, the wire feed system is made from a combination of high-quality steel and sturdy cast aluminum with an eight-inch spool system.

How to Use Your Everlast MIG Welder

While the Everlast MIG140E Welder is user-friendly with a self-explanatory control panel, some previous welding experience is recommended and encouraged before using it.

The good thing is that it comes with a power operator’s manual, which can help you identify usage capacity and important features.

It also provides general guidance on operating the machine, and is specifically written for the layman to grasp easily.

Additionally, there is also a short seven- to eight-minute video put together by Everlast to help amateurs set up the MIG 140E Welder

We recommend that you read the manual and watch the video before using the machine for safety and ensure you don’t damage the machine or mess up your projects.


While the Everlast MIG 140E Welder is made for the layman hobbyist, it does not include specialized features such as a flux core function.

However, manufacturers have kept a provision for adding a driver to this model to include this function. 

This driver is not included in the existing packaging of the Everlast MIG 140E Welder , so  you need to purchase it separately.

Since the flux core function is not a common feature, many people tend to ignore its utility.

That said, if your work requires you to be outdoors or in environments with alternating pressures, then having a flux core function will become a necessary feature.

In that case, the Reboot MIG-160 has all the regular features of the MIG-140 and even more for the experienced welder.


The flux core function supports carbon steel welding without requiring gas and will work well in uncontrolled environments and provide better welding penetration.

It’s also a bit more affordable than the Everlast MIG140E Welder but only comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Everlast MIG Welder Review: The Conclusion

Designed for the layman hobbyist, the Everlast MIG140E Welder features a lightweight design with a user-friendly interface.

The inverter system ensures higher performance with considerably lower power consumption. 

If you are looking for a portable and compact yet high functioning welder to add to your home garage or work station, the Everlast MIG 140E Welder cuts the top five list.

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